Red Threads

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  • 67% Likes
  • 2020
  • 15m 20s
About Red Threads

Nadia, a druze village girl, escapes her home with her Shia’a boyfriend, Hasan. She runs away leaving everything behind seeking a new life where she can find love, independence, and freedom. However, obstacles are thrown her way: her fear of being found, her inability to pursue her career as a fashion designer, and her attachment to her own life. At the end, she figures out how to disentangle all the threads and compromise between her new life, and the old one. She chose her place but she will always remain a mix of both worlds.

Creator: Ranim Abdelkhalek

Distributor: Loyac

Genre: Romance , Drama

Cast: Marilyne Naaman, Pio Chihane, Aliya Khalidi, Hicham Khaddaj, Salam Zahreddine, and Vanessa Chehayeb