About Us

Menassati is the only 4-in-1 digital entertainment platform where Arab audience can watch, listen, read, and play at the lowest subscription plan of $5.99 per month, with unlimited access to the largest and most original source of Arabic multimedia content. Co-founded by Pamela Osman and Ralph Younes, the service was launched in 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia, and supported by Fil Rouge Capital, and the European Regional Development Fund.

Menassati aims at providing opportunities to small and medium creative content providers to earn a living, and giving them due recognition for their talent, both of which are distant dreams given how the industry is structured today. We are also determined to accelerate the digitalization of the Arabic content, and enrich the Arabic multimedia library with original production that best represents its culture and society.

What sets us apart

Full Entertainment

We’re upending the Arab entertainment industry with a 4-in-1 digital multimedia platform where users are treated to a plethora of Arabic content through the following four mediums: Video, Audio, Ebooks, and Games.

Ultimate Experience

Since we are determined to give our users an ultimate online experience, we have made sure through our UX/UI that our product is usable, useful, desirable, findable, accessible, and most importantly... credible.


Think about the multiple and expensive subscriptions you pay for to access movies, podcasts, ebooks, and mobile games. At Menassati you only pay $5.99 a month, just a little over the spare change in your pocket!


We have deconstructed all fathomable boundaries and have made it easier for creators to reach their dedicated viewership. Therefore, consumers have the luxury to hand-pick content to suit their preferences.


We are eliminating all central parties that have control over the relationship between content creators and their audiences. Our decentralization process creates room for cost savings, higher income, and direct interaction.


While most platforms are offering content that is in most of the times irrelevant and unacceptable in our region, we at Menassati are keen to showcase our Arab culture whilst remaining global in our outlook!