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  • 2019
  • 18m 59s
About Harmonica

Imagine yourself heading to a battle knowing you're going to lose. You only have a couple of days to survive. However, you might not make it because you know you are broken. You might die any moment or get betrayed. You might live without a leg, an arm, or even without hope after seeing the people around you die. What will you do? Run away? Betray your friends? Or sacrifice yourself for their sake? Life is just like a trench warfare: it starts, but you have no clue when and where it ends. You have to live every phase of it: its ups and downs. You'll meet many people. Those who will fight you and try to tear you down and others will keep a mark on you and leave, but when you reach the end of the trench and look back to see your life tape in just a fragment of a second, you'll wish you had more time to leave a bigger mark before you left. And you leave.

Creator: Anthony Freifer

Genre: Action , Adventure

Cast: Edgard Kortbawi, Joseph Sassine, Wissam Fares, Naji Salameh, Rabih Ahmar, and Walid Feghaly