Maroun N. Chammas

About Maroun N. Chammas

Maroun Chammas is the Chairman and CEO of Berytech and a successful Lebanese entrepreneur with activities ranging from Oil and Gas to Telecom and F&B, as well as Technology and Innovation. He entered the world of entrepreneurship when he was only 12. His entrepreneurial drive led him and his brother to become pioneers in Lebanon’s digital frontier, by establishing the first internet access company in 1995. Through his role in Berytech, he plays an active and key role in shaping the ecosystem of Lebanon that nurtures and supports Lebanese innovation, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. In this episode of the BerytechBeat, Maroun shares his entrepreneurial journey with intimate stories of his childhood, bringing the internet to Lebanon, and guiding Berytech’s mission in the last 20 years. Maroun shares his investment tips, his views on startup success rates, and finding inner peace.

Creator: Maya Rahal

Genre: Business، Interviews، Entrepreneur