Peter And The Ugly Princess

About Peter And The Ugly Princess

If your child is used to reading stories about the beautiful princess, the wealthy king, and the evil villains then this is not the book you're searching for. These children's stories are based on things that happen in the real world; the world we live in. Once your child gets a grib of this book, he will learn about humanity and what it means to be kind to others, he will also learn about how we should treat others and how others treat us, and foremost they will be more familiar with the term kindness because unfortunately, in the world we live in today, so much of that has been lost; vanished. These stories will bring back evocative memories and ideal actions. Your child will not only enhance his reading and listening skills, but also comprehension through activities that follow in each story on the last couple of pages.

Creator: Cherihane Chehade

Genre: Novel