Five Lights Out

About Five Lights Out

After losing her parents at a young age, Brooklyn who’s a writer wasting one ink bottle after the other on “Dustfinger”, faces a gamut of jump-scares. Mr.Faudet, the guy who took care of her, notices the cloaked melancholy in her heart and decides to help. Searching for the place where oceans collide and the sky bleeds red, but it’s growing dark as he’s trying to mend a broken heart. Five flickering bulbs, an echoing tick-tock, a life on the edge of a knife… He plays a callow move on the chess table. Noah, Brooklyn’s friend, tries to help her maintain her sanity instead of indulging in the madness of the spinning world. But amidst a sea of bad blood and an unceasing carousel of despondencies, grudges, gunshots, and madmen, who will be the last to give in to the vehement lunacy that was camouflaged with bittersweet words?

Creator: Heba Al Feel

Genre: Novel