Why Should Poets Embrace Their Dark Side?

by Reem Yassine

Sat, Mar 20, 2021

The power that writers hold All poetry is beautiful, whether it is about something positive or negative, but the true beauty we as people encounter is the trauma we have experienced. What draws readers in is the darkness that writers hold because they resonate with it in some regard. When we think of our trauma, we think of how it has shaped us into thinking the way we think and acting in the way we do.   The feeling that poetry gives the readers Poetry itself does not necessarily have to be about a specific sad experience a reader has gone through, but if it shows the darkness that a person has encountered one is naturally drawn to it as it vibrates the “You’re not alone” feeling. Naturally people, whether they know it or not, love to feel deep pain. It’s something extraordinary, even more than love because humans feel deeper when experiencing heart break or any other type of trauma. So when a reader is reading poetry that reflects trauma, it becomes more appealing. When a writer truly taps into their darkness, it exposes a side of poetry that makes the reader truly feel that pain. Happiness is uplifting, but sadness, true sadness, makes us feel as though we are drowning and suffocating. Seeing our emotions being reflected, however, through dark poetry is our fresh breath of air.   Dark poetry and connecting to our inner selves! Darkness in poetry can be based upon childhood trauma, death, mistakes, love, etc. The more we dig deep into our sadness the more we understand about ourselves. People who disregard hurt never truly know themselves. There is a reason for our actions and our emotions, no matter how little it might seem everyone should understand their trauma. Dark Poetry has a way of helping us understand ourselves. The more poets write about these things the more of a service they are giving to people, for writing goes deeper than some might think. No matter the topic, if it makes us feel great pain reading, we should think about why we felt this way reading it and how we can dig deeper into ourselves.