Unleash The Writer Within!

by Reem Yassine

Fri, Mar 19, 2021

“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic”-J.K. Rowling. Many times we feel the need to translate our emotions, thoughts or ideas into written works. We feel like our voices should be heard, and our stories should be shared. But something stands in between us and the writing process. Perhaps it is the fear of failing, or the inability to express correctly. Perhaps we think “Who Am I to Write?”. Perhaps we don’t know how and where to start, perhaps the fear of being judged cripples our thoughts and our will to start our writing journey. But here’s a fact you need to know: If you waited for perfection, you would never write a word.   Tips to unleash the writer within… Here’s what you need to do. Grab your cup of coffee, disconnect from the world and connect to your soul, sit down at the keyboard and put one word after the other, every day, until its done! Every word you write counts. So whether it is a sentence or a paragraph or even pages, reward yourself for the progress you are making. Start with 10 minutes of writing without distraction, then increase the time gradually throughout days, until you are able to sit for hours without any struggle.   Carpe diem “I am nobody…Who am I to write this or that?” The answer to this problem would be giving yourself permission to write. Believing that your words and ideas are worthy of being read, and are capable of affecting many. You must start from somewhere. You must start now! Anne Frank wrote her autobiography when she was just 15. Franz Kafka finished his first novel in his twenties. On the other hand, James A. Michener wrote 40 books after the age of 40. The point is you are never too early nor too late for writing.   Do not let the fear of being judged or rejected stop you! To turn into an author, rejection and judgement hang tight for you toward the start, in the center and toward the finish of your work. They go where you go. In fact, each and every individual who succeeds gets rejected and judged. This only adds more experience to your life. Show up for yourself and write. Let people judge. You can respond or you can move on. It is better to be judged than ignored.   Read… Mindfully reading will help increase your writing skills as it expands your scope of thinking, imagination, and strengthens your style and language. Reading enriches your mind and soul and gives you a better insight on what you like to write and how to express.   A leap of faith “Inside Everyone lies a soulful writer waiting to be set free”. Whether you are a university student dreaming of becoming a Rupi kaur, a young refugee wishing to write your journey, a mom at home willing to launch your debut book, a retired business man aiming at publishing a memoir, a mental illness survivor wanting to inspire others… Whoever you are reading this now, go fix yourself a warm cup of coffee, grab your laptop or pen and unleash the writer within! All it takes is a leap of faith.