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We have an answer for all your questions

We are happy that you decided to do so! You can reactivate your subscription by following the below steps: Go to Account Settings. Tap on “Subscription management”. Click on “Reactivate my Subscription”.

Currently you can only subscribe to the individual plan of $5.99 which allows only one sub-account with unlimited concurrent streams. However, very soon we will be introducing Menassati Household Plan for $8.99 which allows up to 5 sub-accounts.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. You will not have to pay anything again, unless you reactivate your subscription. Cancellation steps: Go to the account settings. Click on Subscription management. Click on “Cancel my subscription”. You can continue watching Menassati Plus content until the end of the current subscription period.

You can subscribe to Menassati Plus service after you register and sign in to your account, then follow the below steps: Click on “subscribe now” button. Enter your desired payment method. Enter your Personal information. Enter your banking details. Proceed to checkout. Enjoy unlimited access.

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