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Caught Between Two Worlds

by Cherihane Chehade



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Home is not a place; it is a feeling and Sara, along with her three brothers, lost it when their image of heaven turned into hell and their childhood was ripped away from them. Aversion, constant fights, being lost between two worlds, and dreams going up in smoke were some of the many traumatic events that took place in Sara’s life. It was a true calamity one far from the fables her mother used to read to the four siblings every night. ‘Caught between Two Worlds’ narrates how a little bit of strength and lots of faith guide you throughout life. It also shows how God never gives up on his loved ones.

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Strength, Faith and Family!
by Cherry on 2020-08-03

It is a true inspiration to each and every one of us. It teaches how we can reach a bright ending no matter how difficult paths may seem. It's so worth reading because it actually make you live the protagonist's life from the beginning till the very end.

by Reem on 2020-09-09

A heart breaking and breath taking must read novel.

A must Read !
by Reem Yassine on 2020-09-09

This novel simply sinks in! Powerful, touching, and a must read. Love, Love, Love!

Hope, strenght, and will
by Diane Fretto on 2021-03-03

A book that will make you travel through a real-life situation, where obstacles and unexpected change will be overcomed, always with hope, determination and love. If that inspires you, you should definitely read about Sarah’s story!

Brave and strong
by Mette Kjærsund on 2021-03-03

Loved it! A strong story told from the heart and soul of the author. An example of courage to continue when hope is hard to find.

Courage and strenght
by Mette Kjærsund on 2021-03-03

Loved it! A strong story told from the heart of the author. I can feel the will to fight through difficult situations and the courage to continue, no matter what. Hope is never lost.

Sinks Right in!!
by Cherihane Chehade on 2021-03-17

If you want to read a story that sinks right in... Guess what? Don't look away! This is the novel you should choose! Not only do you feel every moment, but it shows you that the most difficult obstacles in life, where you feel your world has gone down under, is yet to be left in the past. Hope, courage, strength, faith and LOVE help Sarah do what she's never done before! If you feel that you're under cold water, then grab this book, for it will make you rise above!

LOVE it!!! Must be read!
by Ibtissam Taher on 2021-03-17

I felt every word! It sank right in! It was such a beautiful story, it was difficult for me to hold my tears back. I felt Sarah's pain, her love for her family and the hatred that was growing up inside her. Such a patient girl with so much faith. Guys! This must be read by everyone out there because the lesson it teaches many of us is SOO deep! Thumbs up for this incredible novel!

You are absolutely taken!
by Roland Habet on 2021-03-17

A mesmerizing novel... The best part about it is that you can be Sarah, or any other character... Its realistic aspects go way beyond reality... It makes you think twice about life in general, people in particular, and yourself... I love this novel... I would read it again and again and every time I do, I discover a new life perspective...

Love this book <3
by Jad El Mchantaf on 2021-03-23

"Caught between two worlds" is an awe-inspiring novel written by the one and only talented writer "Cherihane Chehade". It's a bewildering page-turner that keeps you on your toes and makes you travel without moving a foot to Sarah's world where she's being torn; sarah's life slowly fades apart but despite hitting rock bottom, she got back up. When she thought she wouldn't see light at the end of the tunnel, she created it. Her story of overcoming obstacles is one of a kind. The writer's realistic approach and her ability to write a whole story full of such events are truly mesmerizing. "Caught between two worlds " is a must read due to the lesson that it carries; obstacles shall disappear with Faith, Love and Hope by our side. Grab this book, take a seat and let the magic of this masterpiece blow your mind

Fantastic tale of love and betrayal
by Emma Dennis on 2021-03-31

This book gives an excellent perspective of how it feels as a teenager to live between two homes, two worlds, and ultimately two families. It is a passionate tale of love and loss, which will keep you captivated throughout.

by Ibtissam Taher on 2021-03-31

One of the best stories I’ve ever read. When the author manages to make you live the story, feel the pain and shed tears you know that the story is sensational! My number one favorite this year! I highly recommend that you click that buy button and get your copy because once you turn over the first page, you won’t stop! love it!!

Best book
by Daniela Gerecova on 2021-03-31

This novel should fly around the world. You all ought to read it, for it will make you think about life from different perspectives. It gives you hope and fills your heart with mixed feelings.LOVE IT!!!

Boken jeg ALDRI glemmer
by Lise Rosenlind on 2021-04-03

Dette er en av de bøkene jeg aldri kommer til å glemme, og jeg kan lese den igjen og igjen. Det er som om jeg er med på en uforglemmelig tur. Her har forfatteren skrevet på en måte som gjør at leseren mister pusten. Når du først har begynt å lese boken vil du ikke legge den fra deg før du er ferdig. Anbefales på det varmeste.

Uforgettable and strong book.
by Lise Rosenlind on 2021-04-03

This is absolutely a book everyone should read. During this last year I have read 51 books, but this book is absolutely the one I remember best and definitely will read over and over again. The author really managed to breathtake me.

Must read!
by Cherihane Chehade on 2022-07-26

When you start reading the first sentence and you can't put the book down, knowing that you wrote it, I do hope that means one thing and one thing only. If you feel that your world has gone down under, if you feel that life treat you any worse, if you feel that there's no light at the end of your tunnel, then this is the book you MUST read. Hopefully it will give you the inspiration you need to hold on tight and fight yourself through the deepest and darkest nights of your life. Giving up is giving in and having hope and faith gets you through it all. These siblings came a pretty long way.