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Cherihane Chehade

A Lebanese Writer, Novelist & Academic Teacher

Author’s Biography

Encouraging my kids at school and at home to read is something I am pleaded guilty of. It is standing in a classroom and interacting with kids of all ages for almost five years, reading books of various genres, and getting to know how people actually feel that has triggered me to accomplish this goal. From this short introduction, if you don’t already know me, you can probably conclude that I am a teacher. To my own surprise, this was not my objective thirteen years back. After graduating from the Lebanese American University as a business student, and after having worked within the field of business at a trading company for almost four years, I decided to proceed with my education. I double majored, got my master’s degree in education and became a teacher. Why? Because I wanted to work in the one place where I could let go of my public speaking skills and do what I love the most, namely share what I have with others and learn from my youngsters. Writing has been my passion since, well I don’t want to say February 9, 1986, because I couldn’t even speak nor write the day I was born, but it has been my desire since I first held a pen and learned how to write. The day I turned 33 this year was the day I decided that I wanted to be that person who people would definitely consider reading books written by. I’m not fond of myself nor am I arrogant, but I do believe that I have a vivid imagination with thoughts swirling around inside my head waiting to be exposed on papers which others will read in amazement and wonder. I have to admit that my own childhood teachers played a significant role in helping me reach this decision along with two inspiring artists, Pink and Kelly Clarkson. Thank you for sharing your remarkable songs with your fans. Your songs have influenced me a lot and triggered me to go on with this, knowing that there are several hidden problems out there that need to be shared. This realistic fiction, which is based on a traumatic story, along with three children’s books entitled ‘The Widow and her Three Sons’, ‘Peter and the Ugly Princess, and ‘The Greedy Lady’, and a short book with reflections and quotes entitled ‘Wounds Under the Skin’ are just the beginning of my journey to future accomplishments. So to all my enthusiastic readers out there, hold tight to this book, read every word till the very end, and be cautious and attentive to the thoughts hidden between every line. Always be ready for the next volcanic eruption. ‘Bits of Lies’, ‘Behind the Screen’, and many more are soon going to end up in your hands. Enjoy every bit of paper.

Letter from the Author

To my wonderful mom and loving dad, To my delightful husband, To my affectionate and bold brothers, To my remarkable friends and exquisite relatives, To my extraordinary readers, & last but not least, To the two children who occupy the greatest part of my heart, Chadi and Leen, This is just the start With words from my heart So enjoy every page Filled with love, hope, and rage. While reading you will find, stories from my life and mind. You will also be able to relate and boost your inner Faith.