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Helen Chiha

A Lebanese Author

Author’s Biography

Helen Chiha, A Lebanese Author. I’m a Pizza Making, Fun Loving, Beach Walking, Dolphin Swimming, Kookaburra laughing, Primary School Teaching, Creative Writing, Pilates Practising, Gym Attempting ,Woman, Aunty and Child of The Universe – that makes me a Super Supreme Children’s Book Author with the Lot! In Kindergarten, I discovered books and fell in love with Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling and Sr. Mary John. I was inspired by the Love, laughter, joy, playfulness, enthusiasm, rhythm and rhyme that beamed into us as her pupils, particularly at story time. Years later, I became a Kindergarten teacher and the Legacy of Love, Light and laughter in learning was passed on. Whilst teaching for nearly 8 years, the roles reversed for me, my students became my teachers and the lessons in joy, gratitude and Love continued. After teaching, I went into business ventures and a personal development journey that continues – a never ending journey of travelling and spiritual evolvement! My parents, siblings, all who call me “Aunty Helen”, the magnificent children in my life, family and friends have been a great source of Love and support. The Universe continues to surprise me everyday with new lessons, soul dances and experiences that inspire me to write.

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